Create Custom Ringtone on iPhone without iTunes

Today i’m gonna show you how you can set any song as your iPhone ringtone for free and when i say any song i do mean absolutely any song as your iPhone ringtone for free. So in order to put your favourite tune as your iPhone ringtone for free we’re gonna need to use an app called GarageBand i’m pretty sure you’re familiar with GarageBand or maybe have heard of it and that’s because GarageBand is a native apple application, that means that GarageBand comes pre-installed on all iPhones and as you can imagine it’s a free application so look for garage band on your iPhone and if you don’t see it – get it from the App Store. Additionally we will need our free application called Music Editor & Ringtone maker.

Once you’ve installed Music Editor & Ringtone maker, go ahead and open it.

Click “Create Ringtone from Audio”

Select an audio or video file

Adjust length to less than 30 seconds

Click “Save” and share to GarageBand

In GarageBand – find created file, long press on it, select “Share”

Tap on Ringtone, Use sound as Ringtone

Congrats! You’ve successfully created your first ringtone! You can now find it in Settings – Sounds and Haptics – Ringtones