Helpie FAQ

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Getting Started

  • Album cover and artist name and song name won’t change after editing it
    Make sure you use mp3 format and NOT video or m4a. Also some online converters produce broken files which are impossible to edit at any editor, not just Melodista. We recommend using other convertors or music formats.
  • Melodista app consumes double storage of my songs
    Melodista has a separate folder for songs, delete these songs from other locations, especially download folder.
  • Some of my songs suddenly disappeared from Library
    Songs cannot delete themselves, please make sure you don’t delete songs from Files app in Melodista folder. You can delete songs from other folders.
  • I can’t fast forward to parts in a song. It would go straight to the next song
    Usually it’s a broken file, if you edit it you also get 00:00
  • How to rearrange songs?
    You can do it on the Library main page by selecting a "list" button in the top left corner
  • I can't transfer songs from other online player apps
    Some music streaming services such as Youtube or Spotify don't allow sharing media to any other apps. You may get the tracks you need from other platforms which allow sharing media files.
  • I can't find the Shuffle button
    You can find it in the main player controls page, by clicking the "..." button. It will reveal the track options menu.
  • How to transfer tracks from other music apps?
    You can easily do it by selecting share option on the other app and selecting Melodista on the sharing list. You can also transfer multiple files at once, app supports that.
  • The player doesn’t automatically play the next after a song is played.
    Turn off alternative controls in the app settings