Transfer Music from Android to iPhone | No iTunes / No Computer

If you have recently purchased a new iPhone and want to transfer music from your Android phone, this tutorial will help you do it. This doesn’t require a computer or iTunes. Plus, you’ll get the #1 Music player on the AppStore to also save and play that music.

Here’s how to move your music from Android to iPhone:

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  1. Download Melodista app from AppStore on iPhone ( it’s free and you’ll need it in the future)
  2. Open Melodista and click on the cloud button in the top right corner
  3. Select the Wifi transfer option and Don’t close the app until you finished transfer!
  4. Click on “Open Connection” and you should now see the address
  5. Open browser on your Android and type in the address in the search field
  6. You should now see a menu with an option to upload files and click on it
  7. Select multiple audio files and it will automatically transfer them all!
  8. Close the Wifi transfer screen and you should now see all tracks transferred

This is the fastest wireless way to quickly transfer audio files from your android phone to the iPhone. From now on you can use Melodista for not only playing music but also editing their metadata, see lyrics, create playlists or browse your library and most importantly share your music with friends! You can read about all Melodista features on our blog, Enjoy!