The Best Spotify Premium Alternative – Melodista Music

Spotify is the #1 Music app in the world and became an absolute monopoly for music lovers. Despite the existence of Apple Music or Deezer, a lot of people still prefer Spotify over anything else.

However, while Spotify is free, it doesn’t allow downloading music on the iPhone without a pricy subscription, that many users can’t afford. On the other hand Spotify, unlike Apple Music, opened its app for everyone, but it’s still a big drawback that you can’t save anything for Offline when you need it. That’s why many decide to switch to an alternative music app or use it alongside Spotify.

What’s the Best Offline Spotify Music Alternative?

There are many players on the AppStore, some have annoying ads, some have poor design or even lack functionality and features. But it’s not the case for Melodista, which is the powerful offline music player with stunning native ios design that offers many different features, such as:

  1. Create and organize folder playlists
  2. Import tracks from clouds and Files app
  3. Manage, copy, move, rename and transfer files
  4. Supports many audio formats
  5. Edit Song Picture and name
  6. Share with friends 
  7. Use sleep timer at night
  8. Dark Mode 
  9. All popular player controls
  10. Player gets updated every two weeks with new features 

And that’s not all, it’s absolute overkill for starters and joy for long-term users.

All in all, Melodista is a great app to use alongside Spotify, if it isn’t a replacement, it’s a good addition to it for sure! And most importantly, your songs will always stay in Melodista unlike Spotify, which will only work when there is a strong internet connection.